Linkedin Video Format

Which format should I choose to post a video on Linkedin?

Linkedin is a specialized social network for professionals. It has 800 million members worldwide, including more than 204 million in North America. It is a real networking trampoline in the professional world. It enables you to expand your professional network. The video format offers more human communication to users. Linkedin supports many video formats, however, for better rendering, it is advisable to use the . MP4 and .MOV. The video will have a lighter weight and optimal image resolution. Prefer a direct download (native video) rather than a link to a video. The video will therefore be hosted on Linkedin and will be more relevant on the social network.


What’s the point of sharing your videos on Linkedin?

The video will give your Linkedin profile a more attractive dimension. The automatic playback of videos more easily captures the attention of Internet users. Video is an effective way to get a message out about your business or activity.

Video format for a post:

Format: . MP4 or . MOV

Audio: AAFC

Video codec: H.264

Frame rate per second: 30 frames (fps)

Video duration: 10 minutes maximum

Video orientation: vertical or horizontal

Video size: 256 x 154 px up to 4096 x 2304 px – 5 GB

Video format for a story:

Format: . MP4, . MOV or GIF

Video codec: H.264

Frame rate per second: 30 frames (fps)

Video duration: 20 seconds maximum

Video size: 608 x 1080 px – 4 GB

Orientation: Vertical only


How do I make a successful Linkedin video?

Choose a short format:

Internet users are used to seeing a large number of videos throughout the day. That’s why it’s important to stand out so to encourage the user to watch your entire video. In the era of snack content, the short format is the most effective means of communication on social networks.

Target your community:

Linkedin is the number one social network in the professional field. The video format is the most shared content on this social network. It is therefore essential to target your community to generate quality leads.

Grab their attention in seconds:

The first 15 seconds of your video are crucial to getting the user’s attention. Indeed, the videos are automatically activated and the user is instantly brought to see the first images. That is why they must be relevant.


Make your video appealing:

Opt for dynamic music and quick frame sequencing. Put transitions and visual effects in your video. The more dynamic the video is, the more interest it will generate.

Take care of your content:

You target professionals, your video must be of quality and related to your business. Go to the essentials by offering your services or presenting your company through explicit images.


To have a committed community, regularity is essential. Post regularly on Linkedin to always be in the front of the stage.

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