2nd Generation
Generative AI

Find and Re-Use

Find Emma singing in the rain in the middle of the day… It’s found!
Find what you’re looking for in your video databases quickly and easily with our AI powered search tool. Whether you’re looking for a specific spoken word heard or within audio,, a written text or a specific actor doing something specific and impossible to tag, our intuitive search tool will help you locate and extract the information you need in the blink of an eye. Save time and access your content more efficiently with our powerful search system.


“Offer this story to Chinese users…” It’s subtitled!
Eliminate language barriers and get your message understood by a global audience. Our localization tool quickly transcribes and translates your content into more than 100 languages, maintaining optimal quality and respecting cultural context. Be ready to conquer the world with your content thanks to our intelligent transcription and translation services.


“I need this video for TikTok, Instagram & Weibo…” It’s ready!
Easily adapt your videos to all formats and ratios for optimal distribution on different social networks and platforms. Our AI cropping tool helps you quickly convert a video into any other format (including different aspect ratios), ensuring a consistent and attractive viewing experience for your audience, whatever the medium. Give your videos the visibility they deserve with our innovative reframing solution.


The film lasts 1h, generate a 45s trailer… It’s shortened!
Less is more. Focus on the essentials with our shortening feature that makes it easy to transform long and sometimes complex content into a concise, engaging version. Whether it’s to captivate a busy audience or to meet a duration constraint, our shortening tool is there to help you optimize your message without compromising its value.


Just remove the scene with the car and add a logo… it’s edited!
Bring your videos to life with ease, thanks to our simple and intuitive editing tool. Designed for everyone, this tool lets you easily add panels, text, voice-overs and music to your content without the need for advanced video editing skills. Simply and quickly create captivating professional videos, and impress your audience.

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