Virtual reality video

La vidéo en réalité virtuelle, le nouveau standard

Virtual reality, the technological asset of the 21st century


For the past few years, virtual reality video has tended to become more democratic and to become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. To visit a city, a monument or an immersive documentary, virtual reality video is increasingly popular and accessible to everyone.


And the Internet has well understood the charm of these videos and the growing demand of the general public for this format. Thus, all video platform sites offer a large number of videos in virtual reality.


A format that allows for more immersive content and puts the viewer at the centre of the action. Better than that, thanks to the wearing of the helmet, the spectator is no longer one. He is totally immersed and therefore, feels like an actor of the film. In fact, the emotions felt will be more intense, more real and the impact on the person watching the video will be astounding and lasting.


Making videos easier

Creating a video in virtual reality is the wish of more and more people and companies. However, it is interesting to note that this type of production differs from traditional content and is subject to specific rules. It is obviously necessary to have the right equipment, both in camera or sound recording as well as in editing software. Just as it is important not to forget the camera support in the equation. On a stand, on a drone or on a helmet, it may be useful to add an image stabilizer to your installation.


In addition to the logistical aspect, a virtual reality video requires professional know-how. That’s why you can count on MTM Video to accompany you during the making of your film. We put you in touch with specialized production companies that will allow you to save time while keeping your hand on your project.


Ideal to make a place in this hyper-specialized niche while seducing your target with innovative and daring content.


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