How do I watch a film in virtual reality?

How do I watch a film in virtual reality?

Virtual reality headsets are gradually becoming the focus of many major technology companies, such as Google and Facebook. It is widely regarded as the technology of the future. One of the experiences users want to have on VR headsets is a 3D movie streaming experience.


Although several movie projection options for VR headphones are definitely in beta, this article will describe some methods for you to watch videos with your headphones. No matter how you choose to watch movies on your VR headset, you’ll be sure to find the app or movie viewing method that’s right for you.


Use an app to stream movies.

Apps like BigScreen Beta and Virtual Desktop let you stream movies to your headphones. Some of the benefits of using an app include the fact that you can customize your screen size, change the background color of the screen, or even change the distance the screen is from you.

Plus, with an app, you can either watch a movie by yourself, or invite friends to watch with you in a virtual cinema. To stream movies from apps, simply put a DVD or stream a movie from a service like Netflix or Amazon (as you would on your laptop or computer).


Connect your VR headset to your computer.

To watch movies you have downloaded to your computer, connect your phone to your computer. Then, drop the downloaded video file on your computer to your phone. Finally, connect your VR headset to your phone to watch the movie.

With this method, you can always adjust the screen size of your VR headphones. With some headphones like the Samsung Gear, you can adjust it so that your screen doesn’t change perspective, even if the space around you is moving.


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