How do I create a virtual reality video for my business?

How do I create a virtual reality video for my business?


Virtual Reality is an environment created by technical and programming tools and transmitted to a human through its sensory organs.


The main attribute of the virtual reality experience is a special headset. The complete virtual reality image could also include odours, sounds, tactile perception and, in this case, VR equipment should also include special robotic gloves and outdoor simulation facilities.


If you are the head of a company, you don’t need to tell you all the fantastic development prospects that this implies!


Some technical tips on how to create VR content of this type:

Install your camera in a fixed and secure position, either on a tripod or on a drone. If you use it, you must use special equipment to stabilize the image. Attaching it to a cameraman or to you with steadicams is an option. The binding equipment may be visible in the frame, but you can edit them out of the video afterwards.


To avoid triggering nausea in the user during the virtual reality experience, make sure the video is shot smoothly with regular movements.


Prepare a scenario for your video in advance.

Let it surprise, impress and stay in the minds of your customers or prospects.

Use creative shooting tips like camera acceleration, bold angles, reach and touch. Again, do not visually overload your viewers. Moreover, the «search and touch» effect turned out to be an interesting «mind game»: even if the spectators cannot grasp the thing, they want to touch it!


Assemble, sync and process your video with special software like With this tool, it will be simpler to create this video at a lower cost and in all simplicity while ensuring that the video will work well on different devices: desktops, smartphones, tablets, headsets.

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