How do I choose a virtual reality headset?

How do I choose a virtual reality headset?

Virtual reality is for everyone!

If you are considering acquiring your own VR headset but don’t know exactly where to start (or what type of kit you may need), I offer you today some help by exploring specific models of the 2 main types of VR headphones: mobile and connected (PC/console). At the end of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from each type of helmet, as well as the specific model that might suit you.

Regardless of the type of VR headset, there are general categories of technical specifications to watch out for when choosing the right one:  Immersion, Follow-up, and Comfort.



By immersion, we mean the sense of presence in a virtual environment or the degree to which the human brain can be deceived. The more immersive the helmet and/or experience, the more someone can feel like they are actually there. Various factors can influence the quality of immersion.



Position tracking is the precise tracking of the position of the VR headset (and therefore the user’s position). The more accurate the tracking, the better the VR immersion. If there is a discrepancy or mismatch between the user’s position in real life and in the game, it can greatly affect the user experience. It is possible to have external or internal position monitoring.

For Outdoor-Indoor Tracking, it uses external sensors and/or cameras to accurately track the position of the helmet in a confined space (room scaling). For a full room ladder, users must install more than two sensors to avoid occlusion.

For Reverse Tracking, the VR headset uses one or more front cameras to detect its position, with or without the help of markers. This type of tracking is generally less powerful and accurate than outdoor-indoor tracking.



Choose a lightweight and comfortable helmet to be able to use it safely and without discomfort for your skeleton and muscles so that your virtual experience is fun!


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