VOB Video File Format

What is the “VOB” video file format?


The VOB video file, with the abbreviation «Video Object» is a container format that is mainly found in DVDs. It can contain digital files such as video, audio, subtitles, DVD menu and navigation at the heart of its content.

Based on the MPEG stream program, the audio streams are of type PCM, AC-3 or DTS audio, and the video streams of type ac3, mp1 or mp2 are synchronized in the .vob. Compression is done in MPEG-2 format for DVDs, or MPEG-4 for DiVX or Xvid.


A brief history of the VOB format.


The VOB format is developed by DVD Forum, an international hardware and software organization. This production company was founded in 1996. Ten companies are behind it, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sony, Thompson and Toshiba to name a few.

From their research came the VOB format. It was created to simplify the encapsulation and reunion of the different streams of multimedia content found in DVDs. It was also designed to secure the content of a DVD, since the . vob format contains data from commercial movies to protect.


How to read and export a VOB video?


To find the .vob files of a DVD, you must start from the root of it. You will be facing a tree that offers AUDIO_TS, VIDEO_TS, JACKET_P and OTHERS.    Videos .vob are in the VIDEO_TS category.

As a reminder, the DVD format is copyright protected, so .vob files can be encrypted. You can read them from there, but also export them to your computer by copying the .vob file.


It is possible to read them with the appropriate program, whether you are on Windows, Linux, Mac or iOS. All these operating systems are compatible with VLC and allow reading of the .vob.   MP Player works for Linux, Windows and Mac. For Android J2 Interactive you can open the selected file.


On which media can we upload a VOB file?


Attention, no hosting platform, nor social networks, allow a download of a .vob file.

Before uploading your .vob file, you must convert it to a format suitable for your digital project. For this, Movavi Video Converter can support this task for Windows and Mac. or use VLC Media for any operating system.

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