OGG Video File Format

What is OGG video file format?


The OGG file format is a creation of the Xiph.Org Foundation, and accessible free of charge to all since August 31, 2019. The Ogg provides a variety of free and non-patented formats and multimedia codecs, whose extension name is in .ogg.

It is important to note that the .ogg file is only a container format. Multimedia, audio and video content are stored inside the Ogg. The .ogg can contain media encoded with multiple codecs.


A brief history of the OGG format.


Project led by Chris Montgomery, American programmer, the adventure of the Ogg container format began in 1993. First named Squish, then due to concerns of an already existing filed name, OggSquish. At that time, it was only a simple audio compression package.

In 2000, the project expanded to include more modern multimedia content, including video. The following year, the name simply became Ogg, and was finally described in 2010 as a multimedia container format.


How do I play and export an OGG video?


To play an OGG video, it is important to pay attention to the type of extension proposed by Xiph.Org. There are four, depending on the type of content. The .oga format is for audio, .ogv is for video, encoded with Theora, and .ogx is for applications. The .ogg format combines audio and video, or just audio.


You can easily play your OGG video thanks to many players and software. VLC works with all types of operating systems. You can also use Windows Media Player on Microsoft, Roxio Toast for Mac, Miro or Totem for Linux.


It can also be read online directly in Google Drive, under Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. On your smartphone, consider downloading an app like VLC, or Oplayer for Apple.


To export an OGG video in another format, many programs offer this option. The simplest is to extract and convert the stream with VLC using the convert/save function. Choose the codec you want and export the video.


On which media can we upload an OGG file?


Currently, video streaming and hosting platforms do not offer the download of .ogg. files. Similarly, social networks are not compatible with this file format.



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