MP4 Video File Format

What is the “MP4” video file format? 

When we speak of MP4, we use the acronym of “Movie Picture Experts Group”, also known as MPEG-4. This is a system used for encoding video and audio files.


A brief history of the MP4 format.


First there was MPEG-1, which appeared in 1991, followed very closely by MPEG-2 in 1992. MPEG compresses audio-visual content and is used for DVDs and SDVD to establish image definition.

As MPEG-2 can only be used for digital television, Internet users are soon limited in its use.

In 1998, the MPEG-4 format was created to meet the needs of technological advances. The MP4 format offers the possibility to code for streaming, applications, television and to download it from the internet.


How to export and use MP4 video? 


Since the MP4 format is used internationally, it is interesting to know how to export it. Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you will have no trouble exporting media content to MP4 from your editing program. Whatever the program used, such as QuickTime, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro etc. You just have to click on “export” and select the quality of your video, presentation type, internet, or low/ medium/ high quality… Keep in mind that the higher the quality you choose, the larger your MP4 file will be!


Once your MP4 file,all you need to do is read it. As previously stated, this type of file is readable on Mac or Windows, so choose the player of your choice to launch your media content. However, remember that an MP4 format is not the one that will offer you the highest digital quality, unlike other formats.


What media can I upload a MP4 file to?


The MPEG-4 format is compatible with all video hosts. Thus, whether it is for video platforms, such as Vimeo, YouTube, or Dailymotion, your MP4 file downloads are done with great speed.


In addition, the .mp4 is also compatible with social networks. You can upload your content to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Flickr to vary and complement your feed.


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