MOV Video File Format

What is the video file format “MOV”?


When we talk about MOV video, it is a digital media file that consists of audio and video. The file extension name is “. mov”. The MOV video stream is known to be of high quality content, since it is less compressed than in other video file formats.


A brief history of the MOV format.


Developed by Apple in 1991 for QuickTime Player, the video file. mov is the extension used for playback of video and audio files on this program.


The video streams . mov are in HD (High Definition) or SD (Secure Digital). The MOV video file will be used for videos or various media content. MOV videos are encoded, and use the MPEG-4 codec.

Ideal for working video editing on Mac, the . mov is the preferred format for video professionals who want to work with high-definition videos.


How to read and export a MOV video?


To play a video . mov, simply launch one of these two programs: QuickTime Player or QuickTime Alternative. But beware, these programs are only offered by Apple, under Mac.

If you want to read it on your PC, you will need to convert your file to . mp4 or download the VLC Media Player software that supports the .mov.

How you export the video will determine its features. To obtain the desired optimal quality, export it in .mov to ensure professional quality to both sound and image rendering.


Before clicking on “export”, you will have to pay attention to the bitrate. The higher the bitrate, the heavier the file, but also the quality of your video . mov is optimized.

It’s about finding the balance between the bitrate, the image definition and the upload time you want to get.


On which media can we upload a MOV file?


Now that you have your . mov file, you want to upload it to share it. The Internet offers you many accommodation resources. In the free video hosts, you can visit YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Wistia Britghtcove and many more. Regarding paid hosting, WordPress offers its JetPack extension for around twenty euros per month.

It is up to you to define first of all your needs in video quality, in space offered by the hosting service, the presence of advertising or not, and the free hosting of your video .mov.


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