Learn about video formats

What are the main video formats optimized for social networks?


You are active on networks and you want to enrich your content to boost your visibility and improve your feed.

The use of videos is a key asset with the new algorithms of networks that highlight this type of multimedia content. Here you will be able to discover which video format is uploadable according to the type of network used, as well as the advantages of the main video formats.


Recommended video formats on networks.


Depending on the social network you use, you will not necessarily use the same type of video format. Find out which video formats are recommended based on your profile.


Instagram, what better video format?


Instagram is changing direction and is now highlighting video content, whereas until now it has been essentially a photography-oriented platform.

To boost your visibility, and increase your community, you are advised to upload videos in high definition.


For this, the best format is the MPEG-4, under the extension .mp4. Use a codec of H.264, AAC audio and a frequency of 30fps.


Facebook: what are the video formats?


Facebook remains the social network with the most users. Although the oldest in this list, there is still a network to be reckoned with, and the presence of video can be just as beneficial for your digital activity.

The company advises you on their help page to opt for the MPEG-4 or MOV video format for an optimized result. However many possibilities are offered with 30 types of video formats, such as .avi, .flv, .mkv, .mov, etc.


What are the best video formats for TikTok?


Social network that has exploded number of subscribers, TikTok focuses on purely video content. Also, to ensure a short effective video that will have an impact on users and get you noticed, opt for the ideal video format.

To do this, you can choose between MPEG-4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, or 3PG if you are only working on a third-generation smartphone.


Linkedin: which video formats to use?


On Linkedin, video is also a sensation. With its visual and playful format, it ensures that you boost your visibility and reach. So it’s time to start choosing the perfect video format to upload your content to Linkedin!

Linkedin offers a wide selection of downloadable video formats, 14 in total. To mention only the main ones, these are AVI, FLV, MPEG-1 and 4, QuickTime, WebM, MKV.

The site offers an entire list of formats to use, but also those that are not supported, such as RAW or MPEG-2 videos.


What video formats are used on Twitter?


You can share your videos on the famous Twitter platform with your followers. They will offer you an increase in your community’s engagement rate, since the video format is currently the favourite of users.

The social network Twitter allows to broadcast videos in MOV and MP4 format, giving users of the application access to high definition videos.


Technical differences between the main video formats


Social networks have all turned to video. This multimedia content offers a more direct contact with your community. Real visibility booster, so we must not neglect the visual quality.

Let’s go back to the main video formats previously named to know their advantages and characteristics.


MPEG-4 or .mp4


The most popular format on social networks, which can be uploaded on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or TikTok, it offers both a relatively high image and sound quality and a lightweight file for fast transfer.

The MPEG-4 is a system used for encoding video and audio files. Whether you choose to upload your videos from your computer, regardless of your operating system, or your smartphone, the .mp4 will be compatible with your software.




The .avi is the second video format to return regularly to the list of video formats to use on social networks.

The AVI is a container where the data is encoded on one side in audio data, of type MP3 or AC3, and on the other it integrates video files like DivX or Mpeg.

By working with its codec system (“encoder-decoder”), you have the ability to compress your digital data stream in order to manage the weight of the file at its output. The .avi system is therefore convenient depending on the upload time for your networks.




TikTok and Facebook offer its users the possibility to use videos in .mov format. Of high quality, the video stream offers a less compressed container than the previously named video file formats.

Enabling professional quality, the export in .mov requires special attention regarding its bitrate. The higher you choose, the heavier and longer your MOV file will be to upload, but with high definition guaranteed.


The WebM


The video file format .webm is recent, from 2010. It is interesting to know since its objective is to have direct use on the web. Thanks to its hyper-compatibility with many Internet browsers, it promises many improvements and optimizations managed by Google.

Its fast, high-quality coding provides WebM with outstanding, professional video quality, as evidenced by its presence on Linkedin.



The FLV, or under its full name Flash Video, is a format used to broadcast videos whose extension is in .flv.   Container format, we find the audio and video necessary to share with his community his multimedia creations.

Widely used format on sharing platforms, the .flv takes up little space during network transfers and is compatible with networks such as Facebook or Linkedin.



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