What are the most popular videos produced by companies?

What are the most popular videos produced by companies?

To allow a company to have excellent visibility, to sell its products and services, it is impossible nowadays not to resort to video marketing. It is one of the marketing strategies that allows you to have good results in record time. 

Whether it is for a physical business or a virtual business, this marketing strategy is becoming more and more popular. However, among the different types of videos made by companies, it must be said that some are made in majority compared to others. These are explanatory videos, presentations, for social networks, advertising and others. 

Explanatory videos 

Do you have a business that markets products or offers services that are not always easy to understand for most consumers? If so, an explainer video is the best choice you could make to better explain your products and services to consumers. 

It is really a short film that from a visual point of view is attractive and quickly memorable. By means of an explanatory video, it will be presented in an explicit way the advantages of the services or products marketed by a company. This is a marketing strategy that many companies use nowadays to promote their different offers and services. 

It must be said that today, when the Internet is in full swing, consumers only want to get information, make comparisons and finally choose a product or an offer that seems best suited to their needs. It is proven that the explanatory video pushes 73% of consumers to subscribe to an offer or to buy a product. Therefore, it is important that your explainer video : 

  • Be brief and of good visual quality so as not to bore the target;
  • Provides quality information; 
  • Pushes the consumer to place an order…


Videos for social networks 

The interest of social networks lies first of all in the fact that a company can easily have great visibility. Whether on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and others, more than 67% of the users of these social media view videos. It is therefore obvious that videos create a certain craze among the users of these platforms. 

Since social networks are clearly viral, this represents a real advantage for a company. The videos on social media are shared en masse and quickly. It is easier for a company to make its products, offers and services known to a large audience. A company can therefore quickly make money by broadcasting videos on social networks. It is an excellent marketing strategy. Since a company can easily attract the attention of consumers to its products, offers, etc., and entice them to buy through videos on social networks, it is important that it focuses on :

  • Quality videos in terms of resolution;
  • Choose the right format for your videos so that they can be displayed without hindrance on all devices, especially on smartphones;
  • Structure the content of the video so that the user follows it to the end and decides to buy;
  • The content must be at the same time striking and must create the need for the purchase to the Internet user. 

The presentation videos 

Apart from the explanatory videos, videos for social networks, it must be said that companies also produce presentation videos. As for other videos, presentation videos are also powerful marketing tools if they are well done. To have the desired effect with a presentation video, the content must be powerful and effective. 

A presentation video is of paramount importance for a company that wishes to be successful. By this means, the consumer can better understand and better identify the offers and products proposed by the company. If the proposed offer is interesting and attractive, it is obvious that the consumer will hasten to make his purchase, because the product will become vital in his eyes.

To be more effective, the video should also present the advantages and innovations of the product or offer in question. During the video presentation, you must present the product or offer in full, but you should avoid going into too much detail.

There will be too much information for the consumer to digest and the video presentation will no longer be interesting to them instead of having an eye-catching effect on them. If your presentation video is poorly done, you risk losing nearly 51% of your potential customers. 

To summarize, in terms of where a company could base a great video presentation that can truly embrace the needs and expectations of the potential consumer, they can ask themselves: 

  • How does its product stand out from the competition? 
  • What is the real use of the product? It will be necessary to avoid going into too much superfluous detail;
  • What solution does the product in question provide to its user?

If a company uses these few questions to produce a presentation video, it is obvious that the consumer will not be able to stop himself from making his purchase immediately. 

Sales videos 

A sales video is simply a video that aims to push the customer to action. For a company, it is obvious that it will push the customer to buy a product or simply to subscribe to an offer. 

In such a video, the term sales should not be neglected in any way. For the company to effectively sell its products, it is important to take into account the tricks of copywriting to push the consumer to buy the product or other. A sales video has only one objective, which is nothing else but selling

To do this, the consumer must be kept informed about the solutions provided by the product or offer in question. It will also be necessary to think of exciting, moving and calming the doubts of the consumer. With such a process, a company can convert up to 41% of its potential customers into approved consumers. 


Advertising videos 

To make more sales, it is inevitable that advertising comes into play for a better promotion of products and services of a company. Advertising videos are one of the many videos that companies produce in mass to increase their notoriety. At the same time, this form of video also serves to strengthen the company’s image with consumers and others. 

Through video advertisements, a company can introduce its products, services and offers to its various consumers. Once the latter are aware of it, they will be able to better understand the offers and services and make a choice. This marketing strategy allows a company to have new potential customers and at the same time increase the sales figures for the company.

Video ads are usually shown after television programs, but with the advent of social media, it is possible for a company to make video ads on these different social platforms. The succinct and engaging nature of the video content could allow a company to have a 41% engagement of its consumers. 

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