Problems with the metaverse

Problems with the metaverse

The concept of metaverse seems to be a technological breakthrough, but there are inherent problems. We think there are two main concerns: decentralization and the economy.



For a true metaverse to work, it cannot run on central servers. Participation would mean the contribution of your computer resources, in the same way as crypto mining. No one would want to be moderate in their own world. Facebook is not exactly known for its unwavering commitment to user privacy, so if it decides to centralize its metaverse, we can only imagine the consequences.



The economies of metaverse would likely depend on cryptocurrency, including those in an entertainment environment. This could increase the demand for crypto at the point of no return. We would need to find ways to support such heavy loads on the networks. Balancing those factors would be extremely difficult, at least with the technology we have now.


Other blocking factor

The concept of time perception can be different if we compare the real world to a virtual environment because users tend to be less conscious of their body when they are inside virtual reality.

Total immersion could unconsciously cause users to spend more time inside the metaverse.

Due to the possibility of a distorted sense of time, it is essential to put in place mechanisms that will keep users in touch with the real world.


The related concept that should be considered in the metaverse is the concept of space.

As metaverse assumes an infinite space, at first it can be difficult for users to immerse themselves in such a vast universe, trying to understand the amount and variety of information at once. The perception of time and space in the metaverse will require guidance during the early stages of immersion, to ensure that users are both aware and comfortable in the virtual environment.


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