Metaverse and Marketing

Metaverse and Marketing

Metaverse promises to revolutionize the world of tomorrow and if there is one sector that must take the lead in the face of these changes, it is marketing.


Let’s take a closer look at what impacts the development of Metaverse could have for businesses.


  1. Metaverse, a showcase of choice for brands

The construction of Metaverse will work to transpose the real universe into a virtual version. As in the real world, the opportunities for companies are huge.


Product placement, advertising, shops and much more will be present and will offer as much visibility to brands of all kinds (textile industry, food industry, luxury industry, etc.).


The presence of avatars, which will represent as many consumers with their different needs in virtual reality should represent a market of several billions in the coming years.


  1. Pioneering Companies in the Metaverse Universe

Some brands and their marketing department have already understood this, it is better to take the lead and position themselves now on the world of metaverse.


After Nike, it is the turn of Adidas and Balenciaga a few days ago to take the train on the move. These brands have already integrated the fact that it had to anticipate by rethinking their communication strategies from now on in order to prepare for the future.


After marketing in BtoB and BtoC, it seems that we are approaching the era of BtoA or Business to Avatar. With this system the possibilities seem infinite and still unknown. The whole marketing issue would therefore be to succeed in offering the right products to the right avatars.


  1. Metaverse, towards an evolution of marketing habits


With changing rules and buying habits, it is normal that the traditional marketing strategies of companies should strongly evolve with the arrival of metaverse.


The main issue is avatars. These are invented characters who may have an appearance and personality completely out of sync with the real people they represent. To succeed in offering an attractive discourse and products or services adapted to these virtual entities will therefore become a real challenge.


The marketing teams will have to integrate Metaverse into their communication strategy; the exploitation of the virtual world will undoubtedly become a major part for the commercial development of companies.

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