How the metaverse works

Metaverse, the new technology eldorado

At the heart of the debate and discussions over the past several weeks, metaverse remains relatively unknown to the general public. Small explanation of the functioning of this 3D universe that could become the new Internet.


Metaverse, what exactly is this?

An old science fiction dream, metaverse could well become a reality in the months and years to come. It is a three-dimensional virtual world where everyone can evolve as they please, in the form of an avatar. A virtual world that clashes with the real daily life since it will be possible to go to the metaverse for a work meeting, a sports session, a concert or a shopping session. A multitude of social interactions without having to leave one’s home, or even one’s couch, this is the promise of metaverse.


How to get to the metaverse?

Not surprisingly, the metaverse will be accessible to all those who have the right equipment. Thus, virtual reality helmets such as augmented reality glasses will be indispensable to allow the user a total immersion in this world in three dimensions. In order to be able to interact with this famous virtual world and to be able to move, it will also be essential to equip yourself with hand level controllers. Finally, in order to move and evolve in peace in this world of infinite possibilities, a treadmill system is envisaged.


Metaverse is therefore made possible thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality, two cutting-edge technologies that create a collective universe. Within it, and thanks to technology, the rules of verbal and non-verbal communication can be reproduced. Gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions or even contact with the eyes can be reproduced in the metaverse identical to what they are in reality.


  Of these two technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality, it is the latter that is favoured by researchers. Experts believe that this process will be easier to adopt by the general public. The reason? Its simpler process consists of simply superimposing a digital image over the real view. Easy to set up, therefore, for users who will be able to continue to have a foot – or rather an eye – in reality when they are exploring the metaverse.


Who will be in charge of the metaverse?

Even if it appeared in the spotlight following the announcement of Facebook claiming to be working on its creation, metaverse will not be the sole prerogative of the group led by Mark Zuckerberg. From small developers to trade giants to cultural and tourism players, everyone has a role to play in enabling metaverse to emerge and be a pleasant place where you can spend hours walking around, entertain or cultivate.


Meta, the new name of the Facebook group, is about to invest 10 billion this year alone in order to see the emergence of metaverse, convinced of the success of the project driven by the experience of virtual and augmented realities.

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