How do experiments in Metaverse work?

How do experiments in Metaverse work?

For some time now, Metaverse has been intriguing and raising many questions among the curious who wonder what the Internet of tomorrow might look like.


This is precisely what we will see through what the experience offered to future users might look like.


  1. Metaverse and User Experience

The development of Metaverse plans to allow Internet users to experience the connected world in a new way. This should indeed consist in incarnating in the metaverse in the form of an avatar through the use of helmets or augmented reality glasses.


If we currently use the Internet by looking through a screen, the metaverse will offer a completely immersive experience where the Internet user will find himself embodied inside the content rather than viewing it as a mere spectator.


  1. What will the interior of Metaverse look like?

Metaverse is an alternative virtual universe that should look a lot like the real world. Indeed, there will be cities, shops, buildings, nature spaces, etc.


This parallel world will be entirely designed in computer graphics and three dimensions. It will be a persistent universe, that is, it will live and evolve over time in an autonomous and independent manner.

The user will evolve at his own pace and will be able to meet strangers, friends, family, professional relationships, etc. with whom he can interact.


It will also be possible to work inside the Metaverse, to study, to play, to go shopping, to sport, to visit museums and much more, all without ever leaving the comfort of his home in the physical world.


Metaverse is said to succeed the modern internet. So we’re going through a historic transition that could lead to one of the most incredible digital innovations of all time.

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