Facebook and Metaverse

Facebook and Metaverse

Recently, when a user opens an application in the Facebook group, they see “from Meta” at the bottom of the screen. What this means and what changes and innovations it brings to the social network Facebook, this is what we propose to discover.


  1. Meta, the new name for Facebook Inc.


The first change for Facebook as a business is the change in its name from “Facebook Inc” to “Meta”. Conversely, the names of the group’s applications, such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, will remain unchanged for the moment.


This first evolution towards Metaverse will therefore not have a real impact on users or at least not in the immediate future. However, the project looks much further than that and provides an overview of what the social networks of the future should look like.


  1. Facebook, on its way to Metaverse


Currently under construction, the world of Metaverse will offer many innovations to its users. Facebook will no longer be a simple social application, but a real portal between the real world and the virtual world.


Facebook offers a true social experience in multiple dimensions where users can be projected virtually inside the Metaverse thanks to augmented reality. Each user will have to create his avatar, his home and all his environment.


Users around the world will be able to find themselves in the same place in the Metaverse thanks to a set of tools such as glasses and augmented reality helmets, hand motion sensors and much more. So many projects under construction for Mark Zuckerberg’s group.


So this is a huge new development for Facebook, which for the moment is a true pioneer in this field.


  1. Metaverse, a new world to build


Even if the basics of Metaverse have been thought out, it will take several years to build this alternative reality. The use of cryptocurrencies and NFT should also be extended to a wider audience through Metaverse.


For the time being, the newly named company Meta and its various social networks will not experience major changes, at least not in the eyes of the general public.


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