Crypto currencies metaverse

Crypto currencies metaverse

In this article, you will learn not only what metaverse is, but we will also introduce you to the metaverse corners that any ambitious investor should monitor.


What is the metaverse?

The crypto community is already building it. Facebook, or should I write Meta now, will do everything and even rename themselves for it. Players may have lived there for years. The world of digital art benefits a lot. But what exactly is metaverse? And should you even care?


Let me answer the last question first: yes, you really should. At least if you want to invest early in the next megatrend that has enormous growth potential. For as far as the Metaverse is concerned, we are only at the very beginning.


You’re probably hearing a lot about people who are already in cryptocurrencies right now being anticipation geniuses.

And that’s true. But the people who come into the metaverse are precursors. But probably not for very long.


At least not if you look at the explosion in search volume of the term “metaverse” on Google. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg started talking about it, everyone wants to know what’s behind the term and why everyone is so excited.


As a buzzword, metaverse refers to various virtual experiences, environments and assets that have grown during the pandemic. Taken together, these new technologies foreshadow what the Internet will be in the future.


However, there is no universal definition of a true metaverse, except perhaps that it is the likely successor to the Internet. Proponents of the Silicon Valley metaverse sometimes refer to a description of venture capitalist Matthew Ball:


Metaverse is a vast network of 3D and real-time simulations and worlds that support the continuity of identity, objects, history, payments and rights. It can be experienced synchronously by a virtually unlimited number of users, each with a unique sense of presence.


Cryptocurrency and metaverse


I said at the beginning: the crypto community is already building the Metaverse. They are also currently the best performing projects on the market.


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