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Leverage the power of our curated marketplace to produce high-quality videos at the speed of culture. You can do it 100% remotely right from creative brief to post-production and final deliverables, all on our exclusive video project management collaborative solution.

Our customers

"They are awesome".

A unique all-in-one platform dedicated to the creation and production of video content, combining a marketplace and a proprietary collaborative project management solution.

MTM has the ambition to deliver better, faster and at optimized costs the huge quantity and variety of video formats needed today.

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Bernard Canetti
Founder of Comme J'aime

"We need to save money and improve the quality at the same time".

"I think the MTM platform is the perfect solution for the thousands and thousands of medium-sized companies that today need to communicate through video".

Manuel Conejero, Vice President of Acuitis.

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Manuel Conejero
Vice President

"It's like in a video game".

“This platform is very easy to use. There is a color system that is very nice and the different stages of the videos are very well-identified. We know exactly where we are with the process, we go from one stage to another, as if we were in a video game, we go from one universe to the other”.

Anaïk Cucheval
Director of Communication, Fédération Française du Bâtiment.

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Anaïk Cucheval
Director of Communication

How does it work ?

A unique all-in-one platform dedicated to the creation and production of video content. A curated marketplace with an exclusive video project management solution.

How does it work ?

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