Need inspiration for your Christmas ads?

Need inspiration for your Christmas ads?

Are you looking for inspiration to launch your Christmas advertising campaign and don’t know where to start? This is a particularly interesting time of year for many merchants who need to stand out from the competition with unique ads that will catch the eye of those who view them. To help you in your search, we’ll give you some tips that we’ve collected from the best ads of our selection.

Go for originality

We keep saying it, but originality is particularly important to attract attention. Contrary to what you might think, the most impactful ads only reveal their mark at the end of the viewing. The goal is to pique the target audience’s curiosity so that they stay throughout the ad.

Plan a punchline

Another essential element, your ad must include a punchline, often humorous, that will make your target smile. Often, the best ads hide their game until the end in order to capture the full attention of the target, who is intrigued by the fact that they still don’t know which brand the ad corresponds to. Think of Coca-Cola or Cultura’s Christmas ads as an example of how to do this.

Add some fun to your advertising during the holidays

It’s a fact, the holiday season is often a sign of good mood for people. By making them smile a little more through your ad, you can guarantee that they will stay captivated until the end, which will ensure an excellent conversion rate and clicks on the store link that you will have attached. A way to propel your business to the forefront in a good mood while standing out.

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