How to advertise on Twitch?

How to advertise on Twitch?


Twitch is a special streaming platform that brings together streamers and viewers. The principle is mainly focused on video games, although many other trade fairs are now open in order to have access to ASMR audios, watch movies together or simply discuss everything and nothing.


A free platform that pays for itself through advertising


Twitch is a free platform. Although it allows users to subscribe to certain streamers for a fee by taking a commission, the platform has no other source of remuneration. That’s why the publicity is queen on Twitch. Moreover, the advertising campaigns carried out on the platform have a lot of impact, as all people are waiting to watch their favorite streamer. So you have the assurance that they are paying particular attention to their screen, and therefore to the message you want to convey.


Advertise through special operations


Each streamer has a bounty board that allows it to accept or not paid special operations. The platform thus serves as an intermediary between advertisers and streamers who can collaborate securely. Moreover, the people who follow the live streamers are perfectly targeted and particularly committed. In this sense, they are an excellent audience for establishing a successful marketing strategy.

The remuneration of the streamers will of course be based on the number of viewers that will be present, so you can adapt your budget to streams of adequate dimensions. Keep in mind, however, that small communities are often much more engaged than large communities, so you’ll get a much better look at multiplying small operations.

You can advertise directly from your professional account, do not hesitate to inquire and follow a streamer before you launch to get an idea of the commitment of his community, but also the profile of the person who will perform your special operation.


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