How does YouTube Ads work?

How does YouTube Ads work?

YouTube Ads is a tool that allows you to promote videos on your Youtube channel. It can be an advertising video for your products or an ad to monetize your content. To meet all needs, YouTube Ads is available in 6 formats:

The YouTube TrueView format which concerns all the ads that can be disabled. The advertiser only pays if the user watches the ad for at least 30 seconds or if they watch a short video in its entirety. The advertiser is also charged for interactions with call-to-actions.

Video ads that cannot be disabled. These are the same formats as the Youtube TrueView, except that the user cannot disable it. The ad is therefore forced before the user can access its content.

The bumper ads are short videos of less than 6 seconds that are launched just before the beginning of a video. These ads are not cancelable and capture the attention of users who have tuned in to the video.

Overlay ads place a banner at the bottom of the video that is removable. It forces the user to watch it if they want to remove it.

Display ads appear in search results as small banners.

Sponsored cards are small popups that you will find throughout the videos.

Before embarking on your ad campaign, it’s essential to learn about each format so you can determine which one is best for you.

To launch your campaign, you will need to use Google AdWords to upload your video and define the budget, but also the type of audience you want to target. Finally, a part is dedicated to statistics in order to allow you to control the effectiveness of your campaigns via different indicators.

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