Audio ads, a new feature of Youtube Music

Audio ads, a new feature of Youtube Music

Although the application can not provide video content, Youtube Music allows you to broadcast ads in audio. This new feature allows the advertiser to launch a soundtrack with an image between two pieces of music. However, these ads should not concern people who watch music videos, but only those who use Youtube Music without watching and who are engaged in another task in parallel.

An advertisement that focuses on the soundtrack

Although an image is allowed, users will not be near their phone during the ad. This is a first advantage that prevents them from passing it and allows the whole content to be played. However, it will be necessary to capture their attention so that they stop the task they are currently doing while listening to their favorite music.

Developing YouTube’s potential as a music listening platform

According to Google, the exploitation of this new potential allows companies to improve their notoriety by about 14%. A significant result on a company scale that demonstrates the strength of this new communication channel. The soundtrack is played in the majority of cases and is therefore heard by the platform’s users. If it is well done and targeted, it has an excellent impact since the interested user will only have to go back to his phone and click on the link that is directly linked to the advertising image.

Moreover, the soundtrack has the advantage of being able to reach not only the target, but also all the people around them. A single broadcast can therefore have a multiple impact and generate several conversions, or even create a group effect. A strength that is not found with other communication channels.

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