Would it be effective for your company to launch a Twitch campaign?

Would it be effective for your company to launch a Twitch campaign?

Twitch is a platform that is animated by a particularly engaged community. A feature that attracts many advertisers looking for targets with a good return on investment. However, the Twitch community is particularly focused on video games, although other shows have opened up over time. A fact that limits the number of companies that can make profit on the platform.

A niche platform for advertisers

Twitch is a real source of engaged audience if you want to develop your company’s activity in the video games, gamers’ equipment and the whole geek culture in general. For your campaign to be effective on Twitch, your brand and your company must have a close or distant relationship with this universe. If not, the audience targeting may simply not be good.

However, this statement is becoming less and less true, as the platform offers access to music, talk shows, sports, creative content and much more. Before you start advertising on this platform, just make sure it has a relatively large audience so you can run your campaign in good conditions.

New brands are launching on Twitch

Although Twitch is at first sight focused on video games, big brands like Kellogg’s are not hesitating to break the codes by organizing sponsored talk shows. Other brands still rely on sponsoring streamers to promote their products. However, it is necessary to have a certain number of means, because organizing a talk-show requires to have equipment and a person ready to animate all that. However, the repercussions are extremely beneficial for those who dare to make the effort.


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