What is Instagram Shopping?


What is Instagram Shopping?

With more than 21 million users in France, Instagram has a constantly evolving reputation. Instagram shopping is a tool that can boost your sales thanks to the notoriety of the social network. This feature offers users the opportunity to buy your items by directly clicking on a photo or video. Instagram broadens your visibility and increases your customers’ commitment tenfold. When you post an article on your feed, story or video, Instagram shopping makes it visible in the Search & Explore page. Users have an instant view of the product and can buy it in a few clicks.

How does Instagram shopping work?

To use Instagram shopping, it is essential to migrate your personal account to a business account. Then you need to create your product catalog using Facebook Years Manager in just 3 steps. After activating Instagram shopping and submitting your catalog for review, you can start selling. On a simple publication, you will have the possibility to identify two people and up to five products. For a multi-photo publication, you can have up to 20 products. Thanks to the “bag shopping” labels now visible on your publications, the user will have instant visibility of the products put up for sale.

Instagram shopping brings what to users?

The Instagram shopping feature is a real time saver for users. On average, there are more than 1.39 billion active users per day on Instagram. In addition to following the latest trends, you offer them the opportunity to see an article and buy it in a few clicks. They have the possibility to see all your articles, to follow daily your novelties and to have a direct contact with your company. In addition, with the arrival of the real, Instagram puts the video format forward. Thanks to the video format, 64 to 85% of Internet users are more attracted to purchase.


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