Use the AR for the shopping functionality of your Instagram account.

Use the AR for the shopping functionality of your Instagram account.

The augmented reality market continues to grow and appeal to users, by 2025 the AR should reach about 1.6 billion in retail. This will enable companies to significantly increase their financial perspectives. The buying experience will become attractive to the buyer and the operating cost will be reduced for the companies. 

Many buyers are reluctant to buy without first trying the items. Thanks to the AR, the question no longer arises! It is quite possible to try the products before purchasing via augmented reality. This is a real revolution in terms of time savings and ease of purchase.

What benefits does shopping with the AR bring?

Better engagement:

After several comparative analyses, augmented reality offers a better engagement rate from buyers. This unique experience sparks interest and increases sharing on social networks.

A more personal experience:

Your potential buyer may feel like in a physical shop. With the advantage of receiving a panel of articles likely to interest him thanks to a perfect analysis of his tastes on the social network.

Satisfied customers:

Being able to try an item before proceeding to the act of purchase offers great satisfaction to the buyer. And as you already know, a happy client and a client who shares his experience with those around him. You increase your visibility and gain the loyalty of your buyers.

Impactful marketing:

The world of virtual to the wind, its attractive content makes it an excellent tool for your marketing. The data collected will allow companies to study and improve their services to offer more personalized purchases.


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