How to advertise on Twitter?

How to advertise on Twitter?

With more than 145 million active users every day, Twitter has become a real communication channel for advertising media. The platform wanted to allow companies to take advantage of this constant flow of users to carry out advertising campaigns on 3 different media.

Advertising media on Twitter

On Twitter, there are different types of advertising media, including sponsored tweets, sponsored accounts and sponsored trends.

Sponsored tweets allow you to reach a larger audience when the person who publishes does not have enough notoriety yet. These tweets are better displayed at the top of relevant search results, in the results of sponsored trends, in the users’ news feed, but also on some users’ profiles.

Sponsored accounts allow you to make an account visible to a potential prospect so that he or she will visit it.

Finally, sponsored trends allow you to have priority and to appear first for 24 hours on the search results related to a particular trend. This is a great way to reach many users who share common interests.

Target your audiences

Twitter’s advertising tool allows you to better target your audience using different criteria. For example, you can select your audience via interests, keywords, similar followers, events or topics of conversation. It is not obligatory to meet all of these criteria in order to give the algorithm free rein.

It is then by itself, as the campaign progresses, that the algorithm will manage to target the audiences that best correspond to your ideal audience.

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