Spark Ads

Spark Ads on Tiktok: what is it?

Tiktok has launched a new advertising offer in summer 2021 with Spark Ads.
It’s about giving brands the possibility to sponsor videos that are already trending, for more visibility.

What is Spark Ads?

With Spark Ads on Tiktok, brands have a new way to get more visibility. Indeed, they can sponsor content that is already trending, and therefore already has a lot of visibility on Tiktok.
Brands have the right to contact the videographers to sponsor their content and agree on the conditions of the affiliation. This is an excellent marketing strategy since Tiktok is one of the most used networks, especially by teenagers and young adults. Therefore, videos can go viral in a short time, thanks to all the trends.

What is the use of this offer?

This offer is a real strategic asset for brands.
Sponsoring a video that is already viral is ideal. The more a video is trending, the more it will be seen. Indeed, Tiktok favors content that concentrates a lot of views and sets trends.

Brands can therefore select content creators and identify existing videos that they find relevant to their marketing strategy to showcase their products. This is a good way to capitalize on existing content. Brands have an interest in appropriating trends, without having to create new content.

What are the specificities of Spark Ads?

With Spark Ads, brands can both boost their organic posts as well as content from creators they deem relevant. They can turn these videos into TopView ads or in-feed ads. By opting for these two options, brands enhance content that is already trending to make it perform even better. The brand thus ensures constant visibility on Tiktok.

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