How to integrate Tiktok in your marketing strategy?

How to integrate Tiktok in your marketing strategy?

Web marketing is in vogue in recent years and social networks are gaining more and more notoriety among the population. They become communication channels par excellence allowing to reinforce the notoriety of a company while finding new customers. Among these networks, we find the latest one, TikTok, with already more than 100 million users. Find out how to integrate this unique network into your marketing strategy.

TikTok: What is it?

Before you start integrating a social network in your marketing strategy, it is important to know about it. TikTok is a social network aimed at a young audience. On this medium, you can communicate via short videos of 3 to 60 seconds in length to share your experiences with the world.

The advantages for brands

TikTok is proving to be a particularly important network for young people. Moreover, you can publish your ads directly in their video feed. The ad formats are almost no different from conventional content, and many users don’t even realize that the content is sponsored. As a result, they pay close attention to the message being delivered, which helps the overall conversion rate of a campaign. The mass of active users allows TikTok to offer simple and inexpensive campaigns that can pay off big.

How to succeed in your web marketing strategy?

Before setting up an action, you must first define your objectives. Nearly 95% of TikTok users are under 35 years old and most of the content is music videos.

To attract attention, think about differentiating yourself from existing content and invite users to take action. For example, you can launch a hashtag challenge or use influencer marketing to rely on influencers who are already well established on the network with a loyal community.

Finally, ads allow you to reach a very large number of users with a precise targeting that allows you to reach the audience in the heart.

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