How much does a partnership on TikTok cost?

How much does a partnership on TikTok cost?

TikTok is a formidable social network to promote your brand and create an impactful marketing strategy. This year alone, spending on influencer marketing on the social network will exceed 3 billion dollars. A result that is constantly increasing due to the success of various campaigns. This quickly raises a question for marketers: “How much does a partnership on TikTok cost?”
The answer is variable, depending on the notoriety of the influencer, the engagement rate of his audience and the number of people reached.

A variable remuneration according to the notoriety

The more the influencer is followed, the more a publication with him is likely to cost. On TikTok, it is possible to separate influencers into two distinct categories, micro-influencers (from 1000 to less than 1 million subscribers) and macro-influencers (from one million to more than 5 million subscribers). For a basic post made by a micro-influencer with about 5,000 followers, count on about $200. The amount then evolves to $550 for influencers with between 15,000 and 20,000 followers. Finally, those who exceed 25,000 come in at nearly $1,000 per post.

For macro-influencers, accounts can quickly explode and start at $2,700 per post from 1 million subscribers to go over $4,000 around 5 million subscribers. Once again, these figures are only there to give an idea of the cost of a partnership and do not take into account the rate of engagement of the influencer’s community which can strongly impact the price of the service.

Other solutions to set up a partnership

In addition to paid posts, influencers can be sent free packages. They are then free to promote them or not. This is a very efficient and less expensive way to promote your products, especially for micro-influencers who are very fond of this kind of communication.

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