When should I post on Linkedin?

When should I publish on Linkedin?


As a professional social network of reference, LinkedIn is increasingly solicited by companies to establish new contacts and partnerships. In this sense, it is a real tool to develop a strong brand image and to keep all other players in the sector informed of your new activities and recently acquired skills. This is why it is essential to publish regularly on the network. However, each day and each hour does not have the same impact on users. Certain times of the day are much more conducive to publication if you want to maximize its impact.


Best days and publication times


According to a Hubspot infographic, the ideal time to publish in the week would be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since Mondays and Fridays are often days of meetings and times when we think of weekends, users will be much less receptive.

As for working hours, the ideal period would be between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning, but also at 12 during the break or at the end of the day from 5:00 to 6:00 when the working day is coming to an end. These are the periods when networks are particularly solicited and when the attention of professionals tends to be lost on these networks. A perfect time to get your message across.


Test and analyze the effectiveness of your posts to fine-tune the settings.


Because not all publications are the same, consider running tests throughout the day and checking the impact of your publications. This will allow you to refine your favorite publishing ranges to maximize your impact on the company’s network.


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