Linkedin Campaign Ads manager: how does it work?

 Linkedin Campaign Ads manager: how does it work?


LinkedIn is a professional social network capable of generating numerous opportunities for companies. The network uses its Campaign Manager advertising tool to help companies gain visibility and generate activity directly from the social network. The platform’s advertising system was designed to focus on business objectives. This is how it is possible to work on specific objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, but also commitment.


Different types of advertising on LinkedIn


On LinkedIn, it is possible to sponsor content in different ways. There are 5 main types of advertising content.

First, sponsored content that can take the form of 3 different formats, video image or carousel. These ads appear directly in users’ newsfeed.

Then comes the direct sponsored content that will be communicated directly to other users without adding to your posts. This way you can continue to manage your profile in a healthy way.

InMails, on the other hand, connect with key people in a business. Thanks to them, you can build partnerships and collaborations with the biggest of them with a single click.


Follow the text ads that fit into the right column of the interface. These advertisements are certainly less visible, but present at any time to remind your users of your presence.

Finally, Dynamic Ads allow you to target specific users by customizing the message sent to them using their name and personal data to better target them.


Target your audience with Campaign Manager


With Campaign Manager, you can easily target certain profiles of people to ensure that you are engaging with decision-makers. A key element when we want to achieve B to B on the platform.

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