The biggest French Instagram influencers

The biggest Instagram influencers in France

Wondering who are the biggest French influencers on Instagram? Here are our top 10 biggest French influencers currently on Instagram by number of followers:


Without surprises, SqueeZie leads this ranking. An influencer who made his debut on YouTube around video game and who today produces all kinds of achievements whether it’s the horror thread, the video reactions, the musical creation or the gameplay videos that plunges him back into his origins.

2-Norman Thavaud

Also a pioneer of YouTube, Norman began by producing humorous content. Today, the influencer is more focused on artistic productions that propel him to the front of the stage.


A real must-see with his humorous videos also on YouTube, Cyprien now shares many artistic creations including his own comic book in addition to his humorous content.

4- Enjoy Phoenix

A true icon of makeup at first, Marie is now much more focused on lifestyle videos around the issues around protecting the environment, well-being and the consequences of harassment.


A true round ball specialist, Sean will impress you with his prowess with a ball between his feet.

6- Tibo InShape

A reference in the world of nutrition and sport, this Youtuber who became an influencer knew how to stand out for his character and good humor.

7- Mister V

An iconic comedian, Mister V combines musical and humorous creations to relax the atmosphere.

8- Caroline Receiver

A reality TV star, Caroline has turned her reputation to social networks in order to become the influencer she is today.


9- Natoo

A rather delirious character, Natoo knows how to make us laugh with his reactions and his simply unique character.


10- Mcfly

Often accompanied by his colleague Carlito, Mcfly creates humorous content, but also many challenges that he does not hesitate to also do with audacity and brilliance.


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