Instagram News: Favourites!

Instagram news: Favourites!

The favourites are landing on Instagram! A real revolution for the platform that did not previously have any. A new feature that has been integrated to respond to the increase in the average number of users that is tracked by each subscriber. Indeed, once a large mass of people is followed, users are quickly overwhelmed with all their content, and cannot find their way through all the publications. Instead of deleting the least interesting influencers to make room for the ones, you just need to bookmark them so that all of their posts are listed in order. A particularly useful tool that allows you to put preferential order to the news feeds.

How does the favorites list work?

The favourites list is a list that is specific to each account and enables order priority to the posting of posts. It will be possible to add a user to his favourites directly via his profile or by manual entry. In both cases, no notification is sent to the user, and the favourites list remains strictly personal to the account owner.

Risks for influencers

The selection of favourites can be a real boom as well as a catastrophe for influencers. In fact, they just have to ask their community to put their name on the list to have a significant advantage over other content creators. However, to avoid abuse, it would seem that the addition to favourites is only reserved for people who are close in a real way, and influencers are considered otherwise. Not having this real connection, they are therefore unavailable to be part of this addition in the favourite listing.

Otherwise, we can quickly imagine the chaos that such a feature could create in order to go first in the users’ news feeds.

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