Instagram news: “Add Yours”

Instagram news: The “Add Yours”

Strongly inspired by the features already present on TikTok, Add Yours allow you to interact directly with the stories. A new feature that reminds us of the duo on TikTok. It is another novelty for Instagram that seeks not to lose its lead on the newcomer who happens to be particularly threatening to dethrone the giant of the social network with Facebook.

What is Add Yours?

After the link stickers, which were until now reserved for the influencers of one of the stories, we find the Add Yours stickers that are available for all users. These stickers allow anyone to integrate interactive content in their stories to allow other followers to add their content. The goal is to create a series of mini-stories that make it possible to obtain amazing combinations.

TikTok features copied … but improved!

Although the principle is essentially the same, Instagram has obviously made sure to add a little extra to its functionality in order to make a difference. This is how the platform allows to condense the set of responses of the users of the platform in the same place contrary to what TikTok can offer. The content is therefore much more accessible and allows for better achievements and collaboration from the community.

The goal of this new feature is to retain as many influencers as possible, because many of them are now turning to TikTok to continue their development by publishing content in a simpler way via short videos instead of simple photos as proposed by the very principle of Instagram although today the social network has become much more than it was before. A strong and quick response from the Facebook group, which does not intend to stop there with this newcomer.


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