Instagram, how much does it cost?

How much does it cost to do an Instagram ad?

Social networks are great tools to promote your brand and your business. These platforms now provide relatively advanced advertising tools to enable everyone to carry out targeted and impactful campaigns. In addition to these conventional tools, there are also networks of influencers who are formidable both in terms of the number of people they touch and in terms of the commitment of their community, which is sometimes without fail. A real boom for brands that manage to enter the good graces of the said influencer. However, like all services, this campaign has a price.

Possible types of advertising media

Before starting to estimate an advertising budget, it is necessary to determine the type of advertising that is desired. Indeed, Instagram offers to buy advertising space and to targeted people by following an ultra-complete algorithm, but the platform also offers you the possibility to buy posts from influencers. In this way, your products are put forward by a person with a certain notoriety, which allows for a better return of the targeted community that will be more attentive. The two services do not have the same cost and the same objectives, which is why it is essential to integrate this parameter in your marketing strategy.


The price of an Instagram ad

As you can imagine, the cost of an Instagram ad is very variable. For the purchase of advertising space, it is up to you to determine the daily budget you want to invest. The algorithm will then invest it in the best possible way to maximize your profitability. The budget can therefore range from €10 to more than €1,000 per day depending on the size of the audience you want to reach. For influencers, this will depend on the number of subscribers they have. Count between €250 and €750 for influencers with nearly 50,000 subscribers.

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