All the secrets of sponsored Instagram posts

All the secrets of sponsored Instagram posts

Users see dozens of sponsored Instagram posts every day. This communication channel is particularly popular with many companies looking to conquer new markets. However, not all activities are compatible with Instagram and you need to know how to take charge of the platform before creating sponsored posts. Find out everything you need to know about Instagram posts now.

Have a professional account

Before launching a sponsored post, you must first have a professional advertising account. The feature is accessible to everyone, and it allows you to unlock a new interface that provides detailed statistics on each post, such as the number of impressions, clicks and many other indicators that determine the effectiveness of a publication.

Once your account is created, you will need to set it up. For this, Instagram will ask you the budget you want to invest in your advertising campaign, but also the profile of the targeted clientele. Before any publication, the posts are checked so that the platform does not promote any violent or inappropriate content for its users.

The power of Instagram advertising

Promoting your posts allows you to override the Instagram algorithm and highlight your posts. You are quickly more visible, and you generate more interactions. However, it is necessary to ensure the impact of your post in order to generate commitment that will be your main indicator of profitability following an advertising campaign.

Sponsored posts are indeed ideal solutions to highlight new products or make a brand known. They work particularly well in e-commerce. On the other hand, the solution is much less interesting for B to B activities that are not targeted on this network.

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