5 Tips for creating a good Instagram ad

5 Tips for creating a good Instagram ad

Almost a quarter of the posts in the feed and the stories are Instagram ads. A share that continues to grow in order to meet the growing demands of marketers in search of new communication media. Faced with this mass of advertising, it is necessary to produce content that is more impactful and that stands out from other traditional advertisements in order to attract the few second attention of users. Here are 5 tips to help you create a good Instagram ad.

Determine the correct format

To create a good Instagram ad, start by adapting your content to the right format. Each social network meets a certain ideal format, and you need to tailor your content accordingly. Be careful, however, a sponsored publication should not necessarily be produced in the same way as a story or an investment in the feed. This is why it is essential to clearly define the communication medium used on the platform, as well as the very purpose of the communication.

Avoid videos that are too long

Remember to make short videos so not to lose the attention of users. Your advertising should not exceed 30 seconds to be truly effective.

Draw attention from the beginning

It is essential to set up a strong hook from the first seconds in order to capture the user’s attention. Play on curiosity or on a shock image to captivate your audience.

Show the product/service in action

If it is a product, show it in full use in many situations so that your target can imagine themselves using the product. In the case of a service, film the progress of a service for a few seconds to allow your target to transpose into the video.

Insert a call to action

Last step after viewing your content, you will invite users to take action, either by purchasing your product or by contacting your services directly. A good call to action is decisive in the success of an ad.


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