Instagram shopping, how do you use this feature for your brand?

Instagram shopping, how do you use this feature for your brand?

The social network Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Its notoriety and its constant growth make it possible to reach a large audience.

Instagram shopping offers companies the opportunity to increase their sales while facilitating the shopping experience. Through a system of collecting information about article sales, Instagram deploys essential and personalized tools to help businesses grow faster.

Instagram shopping and its different forms of use.


This is a page dedicated to your showcase, totally customizable, users can make their purchases directly there.

Instagram shopping:

Users can access Instagram shopping by tapping the “shopping bag” icon from their account. They will be able to browse all the items the brand has put online and shop. This tool highlights the recommended articles for each user through an analysis of their daily desires.

Product Tags:

Tags are used to highlight certain products in your catalogue. This technique works on both Stories and Instagram feed. Your potential buyers will be able to click on the article to learn more before proceeding to the purchase stage.

Product details pages:

When a user clicks on a photo with a tag, they are redirected to a product details page. It will be able to find all the characteristics related to the item, size, color, price…


By creating collections, you can customize your store to create themes for a more attractive shopping experience.


Advertising with product tags:

Thanks to the advertisements, you will have the opportunity to increase your visibility through different communication channels.

Product Launch:

This feature is very useful for launching your new products. A “recall” option also allows to notify the future buyer when the product is released.

Buy online:

Live shopping allows you to create a close contact with your buyers. Being able to see the article in real time and be able to buy it at the same time is a real marketing asset.



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