How to make a social media strategy on LinkedIn?

How to make a social media strategy on LinkedIn?


With more than 610 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the most popular marketing support for companies. Of course, compared to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has a smaller community, but according to a study by Business Insider, it was voted the most reliable network. Reliability on a social network is a real guarantee of quality.

What are the key points for a successful social media strategy?

Identify your target:

First of all, you must clearly define the goal you want to achieve. Choose to develop your awareness in order to be more visible, have a better commitment rate or increase your conversion rate. Feel free to analyze the characteristics of your users, the images that have had the most interactions, the type of videos that attract views… This will allow you to bring more relevant content to your audience.

Define the topics to be covered:

Vary the topics to cover so as not to bother your community. It is quite possible to choose different themes each month. You will be able to capture attention and have a greater commitment.

Use the different formats available:

You have the possibility to publish posts, stories, videos and videos live. All means of communication are good for you to develop. The video format is an effective way to convey a precise, short and impactful message.

Create advertising campaigns:

LinkedIn offers companies to create advertising campaigns to broaden your audience. LinkedIn is a professional social network, it is a community of experts. Choose content that will attract their attention.

Be regular and active:

For a successful strategy, consistency is essential. Plan your posts to save time, join groups to meet new people and above all be active! Write your opinion under some posts, put likes, share posts that seem interesting and related to your community.



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