How to make a social media strategy on Instagram?

How to make a social media strategy on Instagram?


Instagram is a very popular social network, it attracts the interest of individuals, but also professionals. By using Instagram for your marketing, you will have a panel of tools in hand to help you develop your company. The opportunities are so vast that it is essential to implement an effective marketing strategy.

What are the key points for a successful social media strategy?

Identify your audience target:

The first thing will be to identify the target of your current audience. With the analytics tool available on Instagram, you can learn more about your community. Age group, location, most successful publications and other useful information. By learning about your audience’s preferences, you will be able to offer content that is more suitable for a better engagement rate.

Relevant hashtags:

Hashtags are essential for better visibility. It will be necessary to analyze trends and put only hashtags in relation to your article. No need to overload your post, do not exceed 10 hashtags to avoid losing the user.


Try to engage your community by involving them. Ask questions in the caption of your images, do surveys in story, propose contests, etc. Commitment is essential to gain visibility.

A neat content:

Post quality photos and videos to get users’ attention. Instagram is a social network entirely based on visual, don’t forget. A captivating video will make the user want to visit your profile. Always bet on quality to quantity.


To stay visible in the Instagram feed and have a better engagement rate, think about being regular. The social network algorithm rewards regular users. By posting daily you will naturally be highlighted.

Analyze your competition:

With such a large community, you will inevitably find many competitors. Do not hesitate to analyze what they propose and to inspire you with certain things to develop your society.


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