How to make a social media strategy on Facebook?


How to make a social media strategy on Facebook?

Despite the number of social networks active in the digital market, Facebook is still at the top of the list. It is an indispensable lever to create an effective marketing strategy.

What are the key points for a successful social media strategy?

Creating a page:

All companies have a page on Facebook. This one will have to offer a neat content and a precise description of your activity. You can put a lot of information about your brand or your products. Make sure that the user quickly understands the services or articles you offer.

Use the tools provided:

Facebook offers many communication possibilities. All means are good to show what you are doing, a story, a post, a live or a video. Feel free to use all the tools Facebook has at your disposal to expand your community.

Engage influencers:

A relevant influencer will allow you to quickly gain awareness and significantly expand your community. You will obviously have to choose an influential person in relation to your field of activity in order to target your audience.


Offer original and engaging content to engage your community. Make a call to action during your posts or story by asking questions.


Be regular, regularity is important for all social networks. Set up an editorial calendar with specific days and times of publication. By being organized, it will be easier to be regular.

 Analyze the competition:

Take a look around your competition to see how they evolve on Facebook and what tools they use to grow. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from it to help you gain notoriety.




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