How do you optimize your Instagram sales?

How do you optimize your Instagram sales?


Instagram has a community with over 500 million active users worldwide. About 80% of users follow a company and 70% visit Instagram to discover new products. As you can see, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that can help you increase your sales and awareness.

What are the different levers you can use?

Instagram has many tools at your disposal to help you develop your company. Feel free to use all the cards you have in hand.

Instagram shopping:

This tool is a must for developing your sales. It offers superior visibility and saves buyers time.

The Story format:

The story allows to publish photos or videos in an ephemeral way. It offers an interesting engagement rate and allows you to show that you are active on the social network. You also have the possibility to create stories on the front page, by customizing your tabs, your account will have a more welcoming interface.

Your bio:

It’s a small lever of communication, but it’s not insignificant. Remember to link to your site and write a few words to attract users.

The reels:

When a user browses Instagram, the real ones open automatically in order to quickly capture attention. Do not hesitate to use this type of short format to encourage users to discover your products.

Live Video:

Live video enables close contact with your future buyers. This marketing leverage provides a more personal experience and higher engagement rate.

Sponsored Ad:

By using Instagram advertising, you will be visible on the users’ newsfeed. Thanks to Instagram, you can target your potential customers in order to have a better conversion rate.

Quality content:

And finally, the best way to optimize your Instagram sales is to offer quality content. Don’t neglect your photos and videos, the user must want to discover your product at a glance.

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