How do I set up product tags on your Instagram shopping page?

How do I set up product tags on your Instagram shopping page? 

Every time you add a product on Instagram, via a story, a real one, a live one or a post, you have the possibility to add a tag. This will indicate that your product is for sale in a visible and attractive way.

How do Instagram shopping tags work?

You have the possibility to tag any article on any images you want so that it is visible as an article for sale. The user will be warned by a “shopping bag” icon of the sale of this product. By simply pressing on the image, he will be able to see all the characteristics related to the product (price, size, color, etc.)

If the potential buyer is interested, he will just click on the “buy” button and will be automatically redirected to the brand’s website to place his order.

How to add tags on your products?


After selecting your images or video, you must click on “Identify Products” and choose the product to be identified. For a photo, you will have the possibility to put 5 product tags and for a photo carousel, you can go up to 20 tags.


Choose the article you want to put in story then select “sticker” and “product sticker” and then choose the products you want to put forward. The user will just have to click on the icon to view the product with its characteristics.

Live Video:

Before launching your live video, you must click on the handbag icon and choose the products you want to present. The buyer will be able to click on the icon at any time to proceed to the purchase during the live.


The reel format is the most used video format on Instagram. You will only be able to identify your products at the last stage



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