What are the right Facebook ads for your business?

What is the Facebook ads format suitable for your business?

You want to carry out an advertising campaign, but you don’t know what format to use to succeed? Here are a few things that should help you make your choice.

Announcement locations

Facebook sets up 4 ad sites. You can post in the feed, in the right column, in the mobile app feed, and on the Facebook Audience Network. Before launching your campaign, you have the choice to select only some of these media. This way you can make the decision to publish only on mobile for example in order to target a different audience and optimize the impact of your advertising.

A wide variety of ad formats

Among the various possible ad formats, you will necessarily find a support that suits you. The platform put the package together to allow everyone to promote in the way they prefer without difficulty.

This is how you can create Links ads, but also via multiproducts or photos. These supports are very similar and require very beautiful photos to attract attention. Then come video ads that require some skills, and text ads that are a little more difficult to master to be impactful.

Other more particular support, application installation ads. These media allow you to highlight your application by inviting users to go and try it directly. The same applies to office facilities and engagement advertisements.

Finally, you can make announcements to inform about an event either at the national or local level via a banner that refers to the event’s web page for example. These ads are particularly used for geographic targeting rather than profile-based.



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