How do I advertise on facebook?

 How to advertise on facebook?

Advertising on Facebook may seem simple at first. However, it is essential to have a minimum of training beforehand in order to have a good basis to launch and thus avoid wasting money unnecessarily. Here are all our tips to help you launch your Facebook ad in the best conditions.


Define a goal

Before launching anything, you must first set a goal. Indeed, this is the time to lay down your entire strategy and to determine if you want to get clicks, shares, sales or simply like mentions. You will also need to choose the format of the media in order to determine an angle of approach. Indeed, there are many communication formats on Facebook, and each one requires specific videos, images and features to optimize their effectiveness.


Name the advertising campaign and set up the account

To launch your ad, you need a professional account. This is where you will be able to find all your advertising actions with indicators relating to the effectiveness of communication. It is also via this interface that you will be able to configure your campaign by indicating your target and your goal. Indeed, the Facebook algorithm does not act in the same way if you aim to make sales or to maximize your shares. These configurations are key to the success of your campaign.


Determine campaign budget

The Facebook algorithm works according to the budget we give it. In this way, it is possible to determine a daily or weekly budget that cannot be exceeded in order to maintain control over expenditures. It’s also an opportunity to look at the ads that work and the ones that don’t.



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