Facebook sponsored post, how does it work?

Sponsored post on Facebook, how does it work?

To animate a Facebook page around the activity of a company, social managers must innovate and create every day in order to differentiate themselves from other posts. A quality publication can be a source of sharing and therefore of audience for the company and its activity. This traffic often has a positive impact on professional activity. To give a boost to publications, it is sometimes necessary to sponsor them. Indeed, sponsoring a post allows you to override Facebook’s algorithm and appear in the news feed of a well-targeted audience.


Sharing an image or video

To be successful in a sponsored post, you must ensure that the post is of good quality. In the case of a video, it must be properly worked and very attractive from the first seconds in order to capture the attention of users. Don’t forget to include a call to action, especially for e-commerce activities.

In addition to publishing conventional content, you can also stimulate people who see your posts with a survey. Ask users to give their feedback through the various emoticons present and to react to a post. In this way, you generate interactions with your post and get users’ attention.


Focus on the essentials

Don’t waste time choosing a soundtrack for your post.On Facebook, about 85% of content is played without any sound. On the other hand, just like with the survey, you can ask your targets to tag their friends if they have this or that characteristic. It’s also a great way to build a good database.

Finally, once your publication is complete, do not hesitate to go to your business manager to see what works well and what works less in order to improve the quality and impact of your future publications.


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