Calculate your Tiktok engagement rate

Calculate your Tiktok engagement rate


TikTok is one of the most essential social networks of our time. It is also a network whose engagement rate is particularly higher compared to the others. This is quite normal, especially since there are more than a billion active viewers every month. It is a real channel for broadcasting videos animated by many influencers according to their inspirations. While it sounds simple to some, others wonder how to calculate engagement rate. Reading this article will help you know how to calculate it and how to improve it.

Tiktok engagement rate concept

Before even jumping into the calculations, it is important to first understand the concept of engagement rate. In general, the engagement rate represents the degree of your appreciation on a site and/or social network.

This translates into the number of people who have interacted with your posts, videos, images and other published content. These interactions include all comments left by users as well as presses on like. These interactions are added to the number of views of your videos and the shares of your posts.

Speaking of video viewing, Tiktok is not just limited to the number of times users have viewed it. It also takes into account other parameters. The watch time, that is to say the time that users spend watching the videos, is also taken into account. Tiktok also considers the average number of times the videos have been watched until the end. Another criterion is the number of times the videos have been reviewed.

In addition, the engagement rate is closely linked to the number of your followers, so it must be important. According to statistics, good engagement translates as follows:

  • 21.10% if the number of subscribers  is between 1,000 and 5,000;
  • 15.64% if  the number of subscribers  is between 5,000 and 20,000;
  • 15.53% if  the number of subscribers is between 100,000 and 500,000;
  • 17.02% if  the number of subscribers is between 500,000 and 1,000,000;
  • 17.28% if the number of subscribers is 1,000,000 or more.

The engagement rate therefore depends on many criteria that must be taken into account if you have a TikTok account. To calculate the latter, the interaction with your content should not be neglected.

Engagement rate calculation

You now know that the engagement rate is calculated from likes, comments, views and shares. All you have to do is make the correct difference ratio in order to have a fixed percentage. To get your engagement rate, all you need to do is add the number of comments to the number of likes and shares. Then, divide the result found by the total number of views obtained by said video. To get the engagement rate, simply multiply everything by 100. Mathematically, that gives:


Suppose a video has been commented on 12,500 times, liked by 50,000 subscribers, shared more than 25,000 times. The report with 500,000 views will give:


In this case, the commitment rate will be equal to 17.0%.

Improving your engagement rate on TikTok: is it possible?

According to speculation, a high rate of engagement results from the quality of the contents of your publications. To improve it, you have to work well on your publications so that they impact the majority of users.

The more a post receives likes and comments on Tiktok, the more it will be shared. With a large number of shares, it will be able to attract other Internet users. For this to happen, several important points will have to be followed.

Optimizing your account

If you want to impact a good number of users with your publications, make sure to give a good image of yourself.

No reputation is established in discretion and secrecy with TikTok.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and imposes a certain notoriety. Put a quality profile picture. Make a biography as brief and honest as possible. Make your account as public as possible to allow users easy access to your videos.

Make regular video posts

To establish a reputation, post videos on a regular basis and at set times. To do this, publish your videos when the majority of users are willing to watch them. It is advisable to make the posts at times when the affluence is high. These correspond to the times when most users have finished their daily occupations.

Basically, you need to post at the right times in order to get more interactions with the content of your post. Know that posting every day will be more optimal. Experts also recommend posting at least three new videos a day. Of course you are not obliged to publish on a daily basis, but in this case respect a schedule that you will have defined beforehand. Only by doing so will you be able to retain your subscribers.

Interact with your audience

To increase the value of your popularity, you must interact with your audience at all costs. Remember to set a good example by making the first gesture, because they say well-ordered charity begins with oneself. You must therefore like, share, comment and be available to respond to comments from your audience.

Follow the trend

Always try to get up to speed with current trends. You must follow all the viral video posts of the most popular influencers. Find out at all costs what makes users interested in their publications. Immerse yourself in their working methods and try to perfect your publications as much as they do.

Participate in challenges

On TikTok, you can have more visibility by making posts showing that you are a member of a community of influencers. So you have to adopt the TikTok code of a given community. It will be easier for your audience to find you with the hashtags attached to your videos. However, to preserve your notoriety, you must not bind yourself to a community that is not in your image.

Collaborate with other creators

TikTok has a Duo feature that lets you collaborate with another creator by pairing your video with theirs. Conveniently, you have the possibility to merge two videos while adding a little editing to make it unique.

TikTok also has another feature: that of collage. With it, you can extract part of the video from an account and react to that part. By doing this, you get a chain reaction from several other influencers and users.

These two features are so impactful that they can make you more visible easily. Thanks to them, you will reach in addition to your usual audience, a greater number of users.

What is fascinating is that videos edited with these features automatically notify the name of the creator of the original video. So, if the creator is part of a community, it is also mentioned. It would therefore be more profitable to use the video of a famous influencer to make a collage. This is how you will see your engagement rate skyrocket.

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