Calculate your Instagram engagement rate

Calculate your Instagram engagement rate

Your influence or the visibility of your products and services on Instagram depends on several key factors. It’s about regularly posting relevant content and engaging your audience with those posts. This engagement is quantified by certain essential data that are used to determine your engagement rate. What should we know about the Instagram engagement rate? And how is this rate calculated? This guide aims to help you take better control of the management of your Instagram account.

What definition for the engagement rate?

Before going into details, it would be wise to understand the concept of the engagement rate. The engagement rate is the rate of interactions that content on a social network obtains in relation to certain parameters. The types of interactions are among others: likes, comments, clicks, shares or recordings.

There are several techniques to calculate the rate, in this case on Instagram. However, whether we like it or not, knowing your engagement rate adds value to your digital marketing strategy. Indeed, the interaction rate is a tangible indicator for adjusting your strategy and making your content more engaging.


How important is commitment?

If engagement is so essential, it is because it mainly assesses the interest of subscribers. An Instagrammer who has hundreds of subscribers does not necessarily mean that everyone is interested in what his page has to offer. It is necessary to calculate the engagement rate in order to know how to boost the influence and the visibility of the page. Better, the commitment of your subscribers will allow you to become a certified and recognized page not only by the network, but also by potential customers.


Engagement offers several benefits to the Instagrammer. It serves to :

  • assess audience interest;
  • improve and refine its marketing strategy;
  • improve the quality of products or services;
  • optimize interaction with followers and potential customers.


Clearly, with this tool, the Instagrammer now has the means to have an idea of ​​the reach of a publication. This can then take into account the content that has more success to guide the strategy.


What are the advantages of monitoring the engagement rate?

As a general rule, the relevance of your content will generate enthusiasm towards your profile. This will inevitably have an impact on the number of subscribers. To put it simply, the more relevant and attractive the content, the more likely the page is to see its number of subscribers grow. Don’t just stick to posts. It is necessary that through the comments, likes and shares on the post, we can determine if the content is appreciated. Tracking engagement rate helps you make sure your relationship with your followers is strong.

Certainly, among the ranks of subscribers who take the time and trouble to read you, you find customers who will speak well of you to others.


Calculate the Instagram engagement rate, how to proceed?

It is important that you know how to calculate the commitment rate on your own. In principle, this is not complicated. First of all, you need to get your calculator out. Theoretically to do the calculation, you have to do: comments + likes (on a post) divided by the number of subscribers x hundred. This formula actually determines the percentage of likes and comments based on the number of subscribers. It is important to note that this formula leads to a comparison between the number of comments and likes that can generate a publication. This comparison, in general, is based on the number of subscribers. 

For example: (1000 likes + 100 comments) / 4000 followers x 100 = 27.5%

The commitment rate on this page is 27.5%. 

Better, in a classic and simple way, the formula to determine its commitment rate is to ask the equation: number of actions taken on posts divided by the number of subscribers at the time of the post. 

It is obvious that after a publication, it is not only the subscribers of the page who see it. So, to determine the number of people who saw the post (reach), you need: number of actions taken on the posts divided by the number of people who saw the post (reach). 

For example: an account of 200 subscribers and a publication of 20 likes. The commitment rate would be 20% in this case. If the post reaches more than 2000 people, the reach commitment rate increases to 2%. 


To list the commitment rate, you can transcribe everything into a book by heading or using an Excel table. It is necessary to classify according to the types of post and their engagement rates. A review will allow you to quickly identify the content that attracts more attention.

In addition, if it seems very complicated to you, you could search for and use a calculation application. It makes it easy to calculate the commitment rate of all your publications. In all cases, it is strongly recommended to do this calculation every weekend to keep track of the page’s progress. 


What is the minimum engagement rate in 2021 on Instagram?

In addition to controlling the engagement rate of your Insta account, it is a good idea to know it for the rest of the social networks. This way, you have an idea of ​​everyone’s engagement rate.

The calculation of the rate on Insta takes into account all the active pages on the social network. Rival IQ, in a 2020 report, estimates the minimum rate on Instagram to be 1.22%.

This number is undeniably low for a reason. In general, two out of three people go on a social network to interact with their friends, to be aware of the news in the world. Buying is not the first intention of these users. This is why companies are strongly advised to be very present, active, above all relevant and captive.

This boosts the visibility and credibility of your Instagram account.


Optimizing the engagement rate of your Instagram, how to proceed?

To successfully optimize the engagement rate of your Instagram, you have to take into account several steps. First and foremost, you need to stop limiting yourself to sales posts. Indeed, you have to understand the language of social networks to get there.


Here are some tips that can help you boost your engagement rate:

  • First, you need to increase the number of relevant posts that interest your audience. The more quality content there is, the more users respond.
  • Second, don’t just focus on direct posts. Make stories, real, shop, direct to make the account more active and interactive.
  • Third, written content should not be too long, but relevant enough.
  • Fourth, you need to make sure you add your personal touch to each post. It makes you unique and authentic compared to other pages. For example, your brand strategy remains an asset that should not be overlooked in this case. Finally, it is advisable to insert hashtags and tags.


When you make a habit of frequently calculating your Instagram engagement rate, you have better control over the effectiveness and reach of your posts.

That’s it, you now know everything you need to optimize your engagement rate on Instagram.

Apply all the recommendations given and you will get great results from your posts in the future.


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